Made for Vimjam2 by .Marsh.Mello. and Styx in 3 days please comment and enjoy!
Please play in fullscreen for best experience.

Your Boss is on the edge of a mental meltdown! Do your job well and fast to keep him from raging and firing you! and while you're at it get the highest score possible!


  • Mouse to pan the camera around.
  • Left mouse once to pick up an item.
  • Hold left mouse down and release to throw an item.


Scan the customers shopping to prevent your boss from raging! Each time you make a mistake your boss will become angrier and everytime you finish a task correctly your boss will calm down slightly. Keep him calm and earn the highest score possible!

Win/Loss Conditions.

Each time you finish scanning a customers shopping it will decrease the bosses rage meter by 20.

Scanning the same item twice (overcharging a customer) will raise the rage meter by 2.5
Not scanning items (giving away free shopping) will also increase the rage meter by 2.5
Dropping Items on the ground (or launching them across the store) will increase the meter by 10.

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Authors. Marsh.Mello ., Styx
Tags3D, boss, First-Person, Funny, minigames, My First Game Jam, shopping, Short, Unity


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